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The history of our company

About Our Company

FINTEXA GROUP LTD has its own history of starting and developing in the trading market of financial tools. On the threshold of the start of the era of cryptocurrencies, a group of young, but already experienced traders at that time, who recently graduated from prestigious universities around the world, began to unite.

Brilliant results helped to easily found their own company, which was instantly talked about in certain circles. It served as an stepping stone for the company, joining one of the largest hedge funds in the world. As a result of many years of activity, FINTEXA GROUP LTD is now at the stage of opening its own holding company. It will enable new young companies and groups of enthusiasts to get the same grandiose experience in this field that the founding members of Fintexa received in their time.

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At the moment, the current situation around the world, which is associated with the pandemic and the COVID-19 virus, has introduced a number of restrictions in the work of many organizations. FINTEXA GROUP LTD has also been forced to face them.

Free Internet access has helped solve many problems in this situation. The creation of the Fintexa investment platform allows us to continue our work remotely and not meet with investors in person, but to conclude an agreement online.


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# 13777061

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Everyone can receive a permanent and fixed profit based on the investment plan they have chosen.

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You can always contact our support by writing an email or directly in the online chat of support of our project.

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Our platform has a simple and easy-to-use personal account for each investor.

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All the features of the platform are available not only from a computer, but also on any mobile devices.

Main activity

What the Company does

At the moment, modern technologies provide a wide range of tools for making money in the financial markets not only for beginners, but also for professionals with many years of experience.

Bearing in mind the above, FINTEXA GROUP LTD competently uses these tools to maximize profits in a short time. The main direction of the company's work is trading and speculation in cryptocurrency. But even such a modern and fashionable type of earnings does not displace the possibility of earning money on arbitration - speculation on the difference in exchange rates between financial markets, which our company also does.

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