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Every day we receive a lot of questions about the work of the system and investing in general. Many of our users' questions are repeated and we have collected them in this section. So that everyone can familiarize themselves with the basic concepts and working conditions of the platform.

Basic Questions
faq-iconWhat is the FINTEXA GROUP investment platform?
faq-iconWhy does FINTEXA GROUP LTD need investors?
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Financial Issues
faq-iconWhat is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?
faq-iconHow often will there be accrued profit?
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Other Issues
faq-iconWhat are the conditions of the referral program?
faq-iconWhat is the total turnover?
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Basic Questions
What is the FINTEXA GROUP investment platform?faq-icon

Our platform was created to realize the remote work of FINTEXA GROUP LTD. With the help of the platform, you can invest and open deposits without a personal visit to the company's offices. Making a profit takes place directly in your personal account with the ability to withdraw money to personal wallets of payment systems.

Why does FINTEXA GROUP LTD need investors?faq-icon

It's no secret that the profit from trading depends on the funds that are in the trading turnover. The more money that is in the trust management of the company, the more it can earn. The company welcomes every new investor and is happy to share profits with each of them. Investors are the engine of the company's progress.

How much can your investor earn?faq-icon

The investor's profit depends on the chosen investment plan. Everyone can choose a suitable plan depending on the amount of investment. The higher the investment amount is, the higher the percentage of profit the investor gets. You can get acquainted with the offers on the "Investors" page, and calculate future profits using the “Profit Calculator”.

Who can be a FINTEXA GROUP investor?faq-icon

Anyone who is an adult in their country can become an investor on our platform. There are no other restrictions.

How to start investing on your platform?faq-icon

Get acquainted with the investment plans, decide which plan you will invest in. Register on the platform, make a deposit for the selected plan in your personal account. Get profit and withdraw it to your wallets. Look for more information on the website or contact the support service for any questions you are interested in.

Why is your site not on popular monitorings?faq-icon

FINTEXA GROUP LTD is not a HYIP project and does not cooperate with monitoring and third-party resources that advertise such projects.

Financial Issues
What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?faq-icon

You can make a deposit in the amount of $10 to $100,000 depending on the chosen investment plan. To find out the necessary amount for investing, use the profit calculator on our website.

How often will there be accrued profit?faq-icon

Depending on the chosen investment plan, your profit will be accrued from Monday to Friday (working days), or at the end of the deposit period.

What payment methods do you accept?faq-icon

To make deposits and withdraw funds, you can use the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether TRC-20.

What are the conditions for withdrawing funds?faq-icon

The minimum amount to withdraw funds from Perfect Money is $1, Bitcoin - $20, Litecoin - $5, Ethereum - $20, Tether - $5, Visa/Mastercard - $10.

Are there any risks when investing?faq-icon

FINTEXA GROUP LTD has had no unprofitable months in its practice. It allows us to earn and constantly pay a fixed profit. Of course, as in any business, there are risks when investing. In our case, these are the risks of various force majeure circumstances, such as political, environmental and others.

Other Issues
What are the conditions of the referral program?faq-icon

Our referral program is based on the partner status system. After registration, you get the initial status of "Client”, which allows you to earn up to 6% from 5 referral levels. When your status increases, the income from the referral program grows along with it. The highest status is "President”, which will allow you to earn up to 15% from 20 referral levels. To increase your status, your "Total Turnover" should increase.

What is the total turnover?faq-icon

The total turnover is the sum of all deposits of your referrals plus the sum of all your personal deposits. The turnover includes all deposits that were opened earlier and deposits that are active.

I forgot my password, what should I do now?faq-icon

If you forgot your password, use the password recovery form. Enter your username or email address, after which you will receive a new password to your email.

My email address has changed, how can I change it?faq-icon

After registering to change your email address on our platform you need to contact our support service.

Can I have multiple accounts registered for one person or use payment details for multiple accounts?faq-icon

Multi-accounting is prohibited by company rules. This means that creating accounts with the same personal data and payment details is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of these rules, the company reserves the right to block the operation of these accounts.

I have not found the answer to my question, what should I do?faq-icon

If you have any questions that you have not found the answers to in this section, ask them to our support service by writing to [email protected] or by using the feedback form on the contact page.